Saturday, March 7, 2009

Busy Season

This busy season seems like the busiest one since I joined the firm (I'm an auditor, so we have December year end and June year end clients). Today I didn't go to work since I need to get Miata and Ginger ready for tomorrow's specialty. It's a nice get away from work since this busy season has quite a bit of tension and stress. I took some pictures of the girls while I was grooming.

Miata is resting on the grooming table.

Ginger is getting ready for her bath. She is Miata's daughter.

Also, a shot of CoCo taking a nap.

Unfortunately, Tiara is waiting for her new coat before I take any picture of her. She had puppies about four months ago. After I created this blog, I realize that my knowledge on photo editing is limited. So I guess after the Georgia national, I will be spending some quality time with my iMac to explore photo editing.

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