Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Collars

I normally don't put any costumes on the girls, except this year Halloween, Ginger needed a costume for her therapy visit. So she was dressed as a fairy princess. The girls only wear their holiday collars on Christmas day. Here are some pictures of the girls with their collars on:

CoCo (top) and Miata were so tired after play ball. Look at Miata, she had her tongue hanging on the side. The frame on Miata's picture was the new app I added on my phone.

Tiara (top) and Ginger had their collars on this afternoon when they played ball.

A shot of Miata, Tiara and Ginger at the end. CoCo was behind me and refused to be part of the gang.

Here's Ginger with her fairy princess costume. I was lucky that she tolerated the hat for five minutes.

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